Welcome to Shirdak

The owner of Shirdak and SJAELZ & MORE, Marianne Tuerlings, has been in love with tribal textiles ever since she could remember. During her travels to Central Asia, she met many different people and got to be enchanted by their cultures. Marianne found it her mission to share these beautiful cultures and traditions with the people of the West. And so she founded Shirdak, a company that values traditional arts and cultures like no other.

We operate on a fair trade basis, sourcing our beautiful traditional textiles and felts directly from the nomadic tribes of Central Asia. Each item we sell is handmade, traditionally produced and locally sourced.

Our artisan textiles and felts are of the highest quality. Each of our handmade products is unique and has its own story. 

Our online collection includes felt hatscosy felt slippers, indigo block print jackets, cushion covers, felt rugs, wall-hangings, felt ornaments and much more. We encourage you to explore our site.

We have beautiful handmade additions for your wardrobe under Nomad Fashion, for your home under Nomad Lifestyle, and you will find our ethnic fabrics, Islamic, Chinese and other textiles under Tribal Textiles.

Enjoy your visit!

Design by the heart.

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