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new collection Slow Fashion at Shirdak

A SLOW FASHION collection of linen clothing came in today. All items are designed by Marga van Leest exclusively for Shirdak.

We at Shirdak believe in sustainable fashion. I will explain this: we buy new items at the moment we almost have sold out. We do not have sale actions and we design new collections when we are ready for it. So-called SLOW FASHION

Every item is handmade. Most of them are made out of linen and hand dyed. In the details we use traditional accents like vintage and antique lace, batik indigo, tribal embroideries. All items are unique and will become even more beautiful by wearing them. We find inspiration for the garments in 19th century costumes. In this collection we also had a little flirt with the pioneers of the West.

New are the coats, gillets and blouses.

·      The coats are long and reflect the period of the pioneers of the West. Wear the coat and imagine that you are horse riding on the prairie. The coats are made of indigo-dyed handwoven cotton, same as the gillets and of course we have a couple of linen ones, especially chosen and dyed by Marga herself.

·      The gillets are also made of indigo-dyed fabrics from Mali. The washed lived cotton makes every gillet different. A few of the gillets are made of the bogolan fabric, an earth-colored traditional dyed cotton from Mali. Washing makes them more beautiful.

·      The linen sand-colored blouses are all different. You can wear them open as a short jacket. The patchwork on the blouses is of unique used vintage lace and a french linen with print.

We hope that our slow fashion collection gives our customer the opportunity to choose from the heart. We hope that you can wear the garments till they fall apart, that you will cherish them and that they become part of you.

Slow Fashion at Shirdak, hand made collection

printed linen,indigo dyed cotton, details in lace