Indigo cloth from Mali, batik from the Miao China

We have beautiful indigo dyed textiles at Shirdak

Indigo at Shirdak, the blue dye we all know from our denim fabrics is more popular nowadays than ever before.Every self-respecting textiles museum had its own indigo exhibition in the past or has it on its list for the future.

At this moment there is an Indigo exposition in Paris ;

The exhibition Indigo, un périple bleu is at the Bibliothèque Forney until May 2nd 2015

Open Tuesday – Saturday from 1-7pm. Closed public holidays


Indigo is surrounded with mystification. First of all it is the blue color itself. Blue is the color of the night.

The dye has also a mystical appearance. Who was able to guess that in the green leaves of the indigo plant a so powerful color blue was hidden? And who was able to release this pigment and let it adhere in the fibres of textiles?

At last there is the big secret of the recipes.Most of the recipes for producing indigo are not written down.There are spy stories about the Japanese, sneaky visiting the Miao in China to steal the recipes.

For centuries the indigo color blue inspired artisans from all over the world to make the most inventive and artistic designs in their fabrics, ikat, shibori, tie and dye, batik. You name it: in indigo blue it looks magical!

Indigo textiles from all over the world at Shirdak Amsterdam