a felt carpet in along the road in Kyrgyzstan

a Shyrdak felt carpet in Kyrgyzstan


This year I was very early with my yearly travel in Central Asia. It was still cold in the mountains but everybody was happy to see me. The bes barmak* was already waiting for me in the yurt. It is so much fun to eat lots of meat with bones with your hands, mmmm. Again I was surprised how soft the after taste is of the green tea in Central Asia. I can not used to green tea in Europe , so bitter and strong.

The first week, I pushed my way through the merchandise, like rugs, clothing, hats and scarves. Found a nice wooden saddle and was absolutely satisfied buying lots of beautiful handicrafts.
The second week I spend my time in the mountains, sleeping in a yurt, with hot stones in my bed because of the cold. Having my horse trip every day to reload my battery for the coming year.
I always feel a kind of wild when I come back. And it takes at least a week to settle down in normal life.

Beshbarmak (from Kyrgyz: беш, ‘five’, and бармак, ‘finger’) is the national dish in Kyrgyzstan. It is also popular in Kazakhstan, where its called ‘kazaksha yet’ (Kazakh: қазақша ет, Russian: мясо по-казахски).

on my travel in Kyrgyzstan

shirdak collection from Kyrgyzstan