Final part of my exciting journey in Central Asia summer 2011

See the relation between the nature and used symbols in the Shirdak felt carpets

Surrounded by nature is our last week in Kyrgyzstan. If you experience the nature in Kyrgyzstan you can also understand the Kyrgyz arts and crafts better. The color combinations in the traditional felt rugs called shyrdak are the color combinations of the hundreds of types of flower species you see in the mountains. As everyone knows, the weather can be very unpredictable in the mountains. If you are not well prepared an accident can easily happen.

The mountain people of Kyrgyzstan know that you have to protect yourself against the violence of nature. But also they believe that they have to stay friends with nature.

To feel safe in the middle of the mighty mountains as a humble human being, you can provide yourself with a well builded yurt, enough food, fuel and cloths. But you do not have any control on weather conditions, diseases and bad energy.

This animistic belief that mighty nature, giving you everything you need in summer, can take from you in winter. Thus it is a small step to think that you can please nature in honoring her by using certain symbols.

Knowing this you can see animistic symbols and rituals used by the nomads in their daily life. Most of the symbols used in the textiles are unknown nowadays. It became a habit to use them. Like the rams horn, to protect the herd from diseases, the birds as carriers between heaven and earth. The symbol of motherhood, hospitality, good marriage, health and peace you can find in the textiles.

To protect your family your yurt has to be hung with textiles fully embroidered with these symbols and amulets. But the best protection is good energy, so the carpets, rugs and textiles may only be prepared if the maker carries good energy.

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