This antique Ikat coat is from Tajikistan. The Tajik are famous for their fine, soft silk with a beautiful shine. The inside of the coat has a beautiful Russian block print lining. The jacket is a stunning eye-catcher in your interior. We recommend to hang it up, or place the coat on a mannequin. A truly unique product.

Ikat coats were created for the wealthy elite of Uzbek society – rulers, ambassadors and rich merchants wore these elaborate coats as a measure of their wealth and stature.
On ceremonial and special occasions the wearer might wear several of these Ikats on top of each other – overtly demonstrating their high standing in the community.
Made from silk and cotton, this striking design has been woven by a master weaver using the Ikat technique of resist dying the warp or the weft threads and then weaving them on a hand loom to create intricate and complex fabric designs.

This particular jacket is in good condition, aside from a small spot on the right shoulder.

Shirdak sources these antique textiles and rare fabrics direct from the region, discovering them during their travels to Central Asia.