This exquisite Ikat Coat is made from silk and cotton. The design is Ikat dyed in aubergine, red, yellow, pink and white thread. The inside of the coat contains a Russian printed cotton, with a distinctive rose pattern. The pattern on the outside of the coat is quite common amongst ikat coats, however that doesn’t diminish it’s striking effect of many rich colors.

Ikat coats were hand stitched using the finest materials. The Ikat process is a method of weaving using a dye resist on either the warp threads or the weft threads. After this, they are hand woven to create the intricate patterning. This process has been loosely compared to tie and dye because of the resist process.
Uzbekistan Ikat coats were traditionally worn by the elite and usually by men. Only rulers or merchants could afford these coats. often the coats were also created to be presented as robes of honour and formal gifts.
On special occasions a number of these coats would be worn one over another to make the maximum impression.