We have a beautiful collection of handmade scarves in stunning colour combinations with silks and felted wool.
Our finest quality felted scarves are handmade by the top artisan designer Dagmar Binder.
Our silk collection is handmade by Viloria from Kyrgyzstan. Our scarves go very well with our felt hats.

For more than 15 years we at Shirdak represent Dagmar Binder in the Netherlands. Her work is of an exquisite high level in originality, technique and wearability.
Dagmar Binder has been working with textiles, art and design for many years, and so it was only natural she fell in love with felt in 1997. Since then, wool has become her favorite material with which she nowadays creates strictly unique handmade felt items. Her wearables are made of high quality natural materials, such as fine merino wool and silk.