funky accessories like woollen scarves, felted hats and awesome embroideried boots

funky accessories like woollen scarves, felted hats and cute felted dolls

This blog is a promise. I promise to restyle my online shop this coming weekend.

Too many items are sold. I am sorry for that. You know,all items are unique. So if one item has been sold., I have to put a new picture, new text, and when you think you are ready you have to struggle a way through keywords, alt tags, description tags and more I don’t want to bother you with.

Normally I manage, but this Summer 24 hours in a day was not enough.

I am also very excited to fill in the web shop again. Many beautiful stuff came in, funky scarves, crazy hats, happy boots, colorful wallhangings. And next month we receive my own designed collection KASJMIER boots and shoes.

You know what, I will show you some pictures now and next week everything is online, promise!

funky hats, woollen scarves and awsome embroideried boots

autumn 2012 must haves:  funky felt hat with woolen scarf and high heel boots