My Silk Road Adventure – Hospitality in Kochkor

Accomodation Kochkor

Home Stay Accomodation in the Kyrgyz village of Kochkor

As I continue on my Silk Road Adventure, Kochkor is always my first stop in Kyrgyzstan after my stay in Bishkek (which I wrote about in my last blog). Kochkor is a friendly village with one crossroads, a mosque, a bazaar and a museum. The bed and breakfast is run by the cooperative Shepherd’s Life. They provide good places to stay all over Kyrgyzstan.

Kochkor Accomodation

Accomodation by co-op Shepherd’s Life who provide good places to stay all over Kyrgyzstan.

Coming from the nomad way of life, hospitality is in the nature of all Central Asian people. In the old days, the visit of a traveller was the only connection with the people at the other side of the mountain. They could tell you how the situation was over there.

When you travel on up to the Jailoo or Summer Pastures (the place high in the mountains were the nomads spend the summer with their cattle) and you meet the Kyrgyz, they always invite you to drink kumiz with them.

Kumiz is fermented horse milk. Traditionally, kumiz was kept or stored in a special leather kumiz vessel. The vessel is in the shape of a heart. This heart shape is the Kyrgyz symbol of hospitality and is also used in the traditional felt Kyrgyzstan carpets & rugs.

Kyrgyz Patchwork

Silk Road Textiles - Kyrgyz Patchwork

More news from my Silk Road travels to follow soon!

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