kilims , wonderful match with shirdak

Kilim flat weaving, a new item at Shirdak Amsterdam.


I always loved colorful flat weaving from Anatolia, Turkey. For years I tried to recognize the different styles, but there are so many designs that you have to work with these beauties every day, to figure out what region and what village the kilims are from.

When I visited Turkey this year, I have chosen intuitively. I wanted kilims in fresh, warm colors, not too bright. I wanted patterns that made me happy, I have chosen for a good quality of hand woven wool.

Although the flat weaving are popular in European interiors for quite a long time and we already saw many color combinations, I managed to find the typical Shirdak-style kilims.

The result is a collection of kilims, wonderful matching with the felt rugs and kilim cushions  in my store, all kilims have very reasonable prices.

Come to our shop and let us surprise you.

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fresh colors , wonderful matching with our felt rugs

fresh warm colors