necklace in crochet technic, fair trade .

hand made necklace in crochet technic.

Oya or turkisch lace is in various forms and motifs, has different names depending on the means employed: needle, crochet hook, shuttle, to name just a few. It is a product of the deep-rooted Anatolian culture with no exact equivalent in other languages, oya edging not only adorns women’s headscarves today, it is also used as an accessory in modern design.

Traditionally, the headdresses and scarves women wore on their heads, the printed cloths, and prayer and funeral head coverings were decorated with various kinds of oya, which was also used on undergarments, to adorn outer garments, around the edges of towels and napkins and as a decorative element in many other places.

I am happy to see that the oya necklace technic is not disappearing, on the contrary new designs are made. One of which is the twisted necklace. A combination of crochet and beadwork with a cheerful and rich appearance.

crochet necklaces hand made

twisted necklaces in different colors