african touch at Shirdak

“African Touch” at Shirdak Prinsengracht 192 Amsterdam

November 1st 2015- January 1st 2016

In cooperation with Toguna African arts and the artist Jan Tjerk Visser we present a beautiful exhibition in our gallery Shirdak Prinsengracht 192 Amsterdam The Netherlands.

Jan Tjerk Visser (1960) is specialized in portraits. His pastels are realistic, very detailed in a warm color palet. In this exhibition we show the ethnographic portraits Visser made during his several travels in Africa and Asia. All portraits are for sale.

Our collection natural woolen felt rugs and indigo dyed textiles are a perfect combination with the bronze Dogon statues of Toguna arts and crafts. There is also a wide range of blue and bronze African beads. We have a lot of hand made rare unique gifts, all fair trade and made in the tradition of tribal communities.

African Touch, Shirdak Prinsengracht 192 Amsterdam

African Touch, Shirdak Prinsengracht 192 Amsterdam