tea house in Kashgar used in the movie the Kiterunner

The city of Kashgar was a strange experience. The presence of two worlds is constantly felt. Efficient, global, focusing on progress captures the Chinese culture, the old, conservative society of the Uygur.

The mud houses with enclosed courtyards and the typical Central Asian interiors with decorated stucco walls and deep alcoves make way for Chinese tower blocks of apartments with running water and electricity. The chicken and goats remain temporarily on the balcony. In the streets you can buy everything from washing machines, computers, adidas shirts to the latest fashion.

But where are the tea houses, the carpets shops with their Khotan rugs and hand embroidered wall hangings? I found one left. The fully renovated centre of the old city of Kashgar is a fragment of what it once was. But still..

If you close your eyes you can experience the old times of the proud Uygur people.