Birds and symbolism

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When I look at the sky and I see the birds flying I feel a little jealous. They are so happy, free and liberated of borders. They can go everywhere, and have this great overview all the time.

Birds are symbolic metaphors for human moods and a range of emotions. In general the bird in art and also in the art of textiles is the symbol of liberation and freedom.

Since ancient times, birds are considered as special animals because of their capacity to fly towards the sky, the realm of the sun. Such a capacity was also accepted to be a feat belonging to the shamans. Therefore, the bird symbolism has been extensively used in all shamanic cultures. The original cradle of shamanism has been Central Asia and has spread to the ancient world from this region.

The Birds connection to the sky has been thought of as a supernatural link between heaven and earth. They can be seen as the carriers of the soul between heaven and earth.

In the East Indian myth, every bird in the world represents a departed soul. In Christian art, birds often appear as saved souls!

Birds on flight represent hope, beauty and transcendence of our soul.

The meaning of different specimen of birds:

Crane is a symbol of long life and immortality.

Doves and nightingales are good luck.

Eagle typifies power, resurrection and generosity

Nightingale suggests love

Owls  represents death and darkness yet it can also bring wisdom, insight and virtue.

Peacock heralds spring, birth, new growth, love.

Raves: imply bad luck

Robin: Gypsies see robins as a bringer of good luck.

Sparrow: symbol of hope, fertility and renewal of life.

Since ancient times the birds symbolism has been used in shamanic cultures

The symbolism of birds