If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

felted hats from Kyrgyzstan
New collection felt hats from Kyrgyzstan

Once a hat was an indispensable part of your clothing.  The hat you were wearing could tell a stranger whether you were married or not, in mourn or what class you belonged to.

Nowadays , almost everywhere these signals have disappeared. The hat gives you protection against the cold or the sun. But mostly it expresses your individuality. If you want to get ahead , get a hat according to an ad slogan.

A nice mix between tradition and modern arrived in our shop today.

A collection of funny, funky hats from Kyrgyzstan. Traditionally the Kyrgyz hat is made of felt with a border of embroidery. The man wear the kalpak, a high felted white hat with a black border of velvet.

Inspired by the history of the soldiers of Central Asia, new designs come on the market now. These hats are all handmade, warm and very original.

Chapeau for the modern Kyrgyz hat!

detail of the felt hats
detail felt hats