Is this the end of my Kyrgyzstan blog?

Bishkek City
The Blue Skies of Bishkek City - taken with my well travelled camera

On the very first day of our stay in Bishkek my camera broke down!  It was faithful to me for 10 years travelling the Silk Road, surviving Peshawar in Pakistan, horse riding in Kyrgyzstan, and even the heat of Uzbekistan.  And now, it just stopped. No pictures of Bishkek, Kochkor, Kashgar, no blog, no pictures for the journalist’s article….disaster!

OK, I realized it was a mistake to insert the memory card into the camera upside down but after 10 hours of travelling from Amsterdam, then to Istanbul and finally to Bishkek and only 3 hours sleep, it was a small mistake, or so I thought. But it turned out to have big consequences.

In the following hours, I was convinced that the solution to this problem would come from the Netherlands, by way of finding a new camera casing and bringing it to Bishkek with the second group of Dutch travellers! While sending lots of text messages and other multimedia corresponding with family and friends in Amsterdam to organize this mission, I decided to try bringing the camera to a local camera shop here in Bishkek.

Well I can tell you the first good thing I found out about life in Kyrgyzstan – they can resuscitate an almost dead camera in one day for 30 euro!!

More news & pictures soon, so stay tuned!

Among the flowers in Bishkek City - picture taken with my newly fixed camera