New Spring collection Shirdak rugs

Spring collection shirdak
Beautiful blues from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan

A couple of days before leaving to the Selvedge Fair in London, our new Spring collection of Shirdak rugs arrived.  I had a quick look in the boxes but only now I had time to describe them and place them on our redesigned shop online.

the new Shirdak felt carpets of 2012
The new collection of Shirdak rugs gives you a real spring feeling

Together with the workshops, we tried designs in new colour combinations. The results  are a welcome addition to our collection. The fresh orange and off-white colours give you a real Spring feeling.

The Scythian design rugs in pink turquoise looks modern and make a perfect combination with metal and industrial furniture.

funky colour combination in shirdak rug
Scythian design in funky colour combination

This time, we also produced the traditional carpet in multicolour as the Kyrgyz and I always love. These big shirdak are of an exquisite quality of felt.

traditional shirdak rugs in multi colour
New collection of traditional shirdak rugs in multicolour combination

A small collection of farmer rugs also arrived. These rugs are made by the locals in small villages, felting, dying sewing their own sheep wool. All unique adorable items.

It’s great that already a few were sold.

Shirdak is running the Bloom collection by Enosis


To tell you the truth, I am quite nervous. On March 31st I will take part in the Selvedge Spring Fair in London. Travelling in Central Asia makes me less stressful than one day in London. Anyway on this fair I will present the Enosis Bloom collection 2012. Read more Shirdak is running the Bloom collection by Enosis

If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

felted hats from Kyrgyzstan
New collection felt hats from Kyrgyzstan

Once a hat was an indispensable part of your clothing.  The hat you were wearing could tell a stranger whether you were married or not, in mourn or what class you belonged to.

Nowadays , almost everywhere these signals have disappeared. Read more If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

Birds and symbolism

realistic birds made of felt
full sized handmade birds, collect them all


When I look at the sky and I see the birds flying I feel a little jealous. They are so happy, free and liberated of borders. They can go everywhere, and have this great overview all the time.

Birds are symbolic metaphors for human moods and a range of emotions. In general the bird in art and also in the art of textiles is the symbol of liberation and freedom. Read more Birds and symbolism