Our shop Shirdak situated in Amsterdam

shirdak located on the prinsengracht 192
shop shirdak in Amsterdam

Our shop Shirdak has been situated in Amsterdam for more than 10 years now.

Amsterdam is very popular among tourists. The 17th-century centre is unique in the world. The canals with the merchant houses along it look very romantic in every season.

Shirdak is very proud to be situated along one of these beautiful canals, the Prinsengracht number 192.

Opposite our shop is the old Wester Church dated 1631.  For a long time it was the largest protestant church in the world. The Wester Church has the highest church tower of Amsterdam; it cannot be missed.

Another important sight-seeing venue near our shop is the Anne Frank house. This is the house where Anne’s family was hiding from the Nazi prosecution during WW2. It can be visited in its original state. In the famous diary of Anne Frank the church is mentioned many times.

The Prinsengracht is the longest of the three main canals. The other two are the Keizersgracht and the Herengracht. This 17th-century project took 50 years to dig. The bridges around our shop across the Prinsengracht connect you with the old Jewish area: the Jordaan district.

Beside this historical location of our shop, with its interesting sightseeing spots, the area is great for shopping. In the Nine Street shopping area, on the Rozengracht and in the Jordaan you will have a great time in finding original gifts.

And do not miss us, Shirdak at the Prinsengracht 192. Stop for a cup of coffee, a nice chat and enjoy our unique handmade arts and crafts.


Prepare your visit:

Download the app on www.cityrush.nl

visit the website http://www.theninestreets.com

Shirdak situated on the Prinsengracht 192 in Amsterdam
Shirdak situated on the Prinsengracht 192 in Amsterdam


Shirdak is running the Bloom collection by Enosis


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If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

felted hats from Kyrgyzstan
New collection felt hats from Kyrgyzstan

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Winter Season at Shirdak Part One

The new Winter Collection and the Anneke Copier Fashion show at Shirdak

Time flies when you’re busy.

Every year in September I am excited to start the new season. The Autumn and Winter season is our best time to surprise the clients with warm and cosy felt slippers, nice scarves, comfortable cushions and rugs. Read more Winter Season at Shirdak Part One