Exhibition Dagmar Binder at Shirdak

New serie 3D work by Dagmar Binder at Shirdak
Her new series of 3D wall hangings is called Familiar Strangers

For Autumn, we, at Shirdak have some really nice exhibitions in our planning.

From Saturday October 6th until Saturday December 8th 2012 our artist in residence Dagmar Binder presents  her new serie of 3 dimensional structural wall hangings and felt objects with the title:

“Familiar Strangers”

Dagmar Binder: Combining painting with colored fibers, seamless 3D felting and other textile techniques, I’m exploring the expressive and sculptural potential of felt.

Fibers under tension naturally tend to take organic shapes, reflecting details of nature but develop their very particular physical presence in space and light. I see them mostly as poetic installations.


For years we sell Dagmar Binder’s beautiful scarves and hats .Her great felting technic, sense of color and new shapes are always a surprise and brings you back into memories of nature.

Exhibition Dagmar Binder at Shirdak Autumn 2012
Detail Familiar Strangers, new work by Dagmar Binder


Tratteggi at Shirdak June 16th – August 18th 2012

felt wall hangings of Claudio Varone and Anneke Copier
Felt for Architecture

Also this year we have the pleasure to present the newest work of Felt for Architecture called Tratteggi. The research of Claudio Varone in collaboration with Anneke Copier continues to explore the ancient felt techniques with a personal and contemporary interpretation.

The collection Tratteggi gets its inspiration from the modern art and the nomadic craft. The concept of graphic lines of colors which comes back in all textiles shows a strong monumental, abstract, three-dimensional character.

Claudio Varone started his project Felt for Architecture in 2003. He creates a collection of carpets and three-dimensional wall hangings in felted wool, to “dress” spaces, walls, floors, to evoke, to protect and to tell a story.Colors and shapes originate mainly from the contemplation of the Mediterranean landscapes, a story of the everlasting memory and passion of the artist.All pieces are unique, made of wool, sometimes combined with cotton, silk and other natural fibers, using traditional techniques.The intention of the artist through this project is to introduce the art of felt within spaces, with all its tactile visual and acoustic features, and with the overwhelming power, magic and sacredness of the South.

Anneke Copier has been exploring her passion for felt for more than 27 years. In January 2000 she opened her own studio.She has developed her own innovative expression of the ancient Central Asian technique of felt making. She designs unique clothing which fits like  a second skin.Different kinds of wool in combination with other natural materials such as silk and flax give her creations a unique and special warmth.

Since the beginning of 2006 she works at Claudio Varone’s project Felt for Architecture.

Claudio Varone and Anneke Copier
New collection 'Tratteggi'