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Hand made products from the tribal areas in Central asia
Handmade Tribal products from Central Asia

Since 2000 Shirdak has been totally in love with hand made products from traditional tribal areas, most of it in Central Asia.

We noticed that the people raised in our consumer society are seeking for products with a story. That can be the story of tradition in which the product has been made. Or it is the story behind the makers of the products. If the product is made with the full attention of the maker, the satisfaction of making the product is still visible/aware in the product. When our clients enter gallery Shirdak, they feel something is different here. Most of them become curious, where the products are coming from, how they are made, if there is some meaning in the used designs? We are happy to tell all these stories .

If you buy a product at Shirdak, you buy more than only the product.

Every time you look at your Shirdak item you will enjoy remembering its story .

felt making in kyrgyzstan
a shyrdak felt rug from Kyrgyzstan