Nature gives back in the beautiful mountain lake Son Kul

Son Kul Lake
Beautiful alpine lake Son Kul, sits amongst lush green (jailoo) pastures.

Every year after working hard in Bishkek, I spend some time taking in the pure Kyrgyz nature at the beautiful alpine lake Son Kul, in the Northern Naryn province.

Yurt at Son Kul
Putting together the Yurt at Son Kul lake

Business is always too slow for me in Kyrgyzstan. I have 100 ideas and suggestions and if I can work out two of them, then this is a lot.  Many times I am frustrated because of the numerous possibilities I see but when I am not able to make the Kyrgyz women enthusiastic about my plans, I sometimes want to just go home and stop the business.

I begin to wonder why on earth I ended up in Kyrgyzstan! Fortunately at these moments, I also make plans to go to the mountains to relax. The nature in Kyrgyzstan is so overwhelming, all my problems simply vanish. At Lake Son Kul, you experience that nature is willing to give. The beauty and the quietness can touch your heart. For me this is reloading the battery.

Son Kul
Lush meadows surround Son Kul which are used as summer pastures by the shepherds of Kochkor