Horse riding, it is just going!

Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan is like riding a bike in The Netherlands
Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan is like riding a bike in The Netherlands

As a child I wanted to learn horse riding but I never got further than the horse of the carousel in our amusement park. On that wooden horse, I imagined that I rood very hard over the steppe in gallop. Anyway, 30 years later I came in Kyrgyzstan.

Horse riding is like cycling in The Netherlands. Everybody is doing it, starting from the age of 3 years old. And if I make the comparison more, I notice that we never had lessons how to ride a bike. Ok, they give you some instructions. Like, do not hang your bag on the steering wheel, I always do. Put a light on at night, mine is always broken. Stop at the red stop light…

Well the Dutch readers will agree with me, riding a bike is just going. And that is exactly the same in Kyrgyzstan. Riding a horse is just going! And without roads, houses, fences, an open space in front of you it is just going!

When you are learning horse riding at a later age trust your horse, she knows what she is doing. Some are morons and stumbling constantly but generally speaking, the Kyrgyz mountain horses very well estimate the paths, rivers and pits to cross over unharmed. You can have a rest at the locals in there yurts, drinking tea on a shirdak felt carpet.

And take a good horse whip along on your ride.

Children on horses in Son Kul Kyrgyzstan
Horse riding in Son kul in Kyrgyzstan is just going and having fun!