Russian Printed textiles for the Central Asian Market

Russian textiles for the Central Asian market
My Central Asian quilt with Russian printed textiles

Every year begin of January I have to count all my products. This is a boring project, the only nice thing about it is that I also have to count my stock of traditional textile items, the dresses from Kohistan, the ikat coats from Uzbekistan and other tribal textile garments.

This time I noticed that I was looking for printed fabrics in my Central Asian textiles. Recently I continued reading a beautiful book written by Susan Meller “Russian Textiles, printed cloth for the bazaars of Central Asia”. The book is 200 pages full of pictures of amazing printed fabrics designed and produced in Russian factories between 1860 and 1960.

Every lining or back of Central Asian textiles is worth keeping an eye on what kind of fabric has been used. Besides the fact that it is very pleasant to enjoy all the different prints, you can also use knowledge of these patterns to determine the age of a garment.

In the book of Susan Meller on page 158 there is a picture of roller-printed-cotton probably Russia late 19th-early twentieth century influenced by French home furnishing design. End 19th century France had a leading role for designers from the United States,  Europe and Russia.

In my stock I found a patchwork full of printed cloth from Russia. This quilt, I bought in Peshawar 15 years ago. I tried to find back the prints of this quilt in the book of Susan Meller. And surprisingly yes, I found one pattern in the book and on my quilt. It is the same pattern, but in a different color combination as the one of page 158.

My Afghan quilt with Susan Meller Russian Textiles
The Russian print in my patchwork is the same design as on page 158 in the book Russian textiles of Susan Meller