Pitch up the yurt, Part1

Help to pitch up the yurt
Pitch up the yurt , Kyrgyzstan

This year I was so early in the jailoo that I had to help, pitching up the yurt (kyrgyz: Boz uy).When the weather is ok and my own yurt is already safe and sound, I am a good girl and not afraid to lend a hand.
This time they let me, tie the short robes at the end of the struts to the wall frame. An easy job which I could not mess up.

Important basics as prohibiting the yurt washed away by the rain of blow off by the wind Of course this is the responsibility of the manager of the yurt camp. As you can see in one of the pictures.
The manager selects a nice spot, out of the wind and more or less horizontal.

tunduk and trellis
Tunduk and trellis

The wall frame is made up of several flexible lengths of trellis.  These trellis, crossing wooden laths, are put in a circle.  The door frame which is set between two wall sections.

Everything on a yurt is made of wood, leather or wool. Not one iron nail has been used.


The roof wheel on top of the dome is called the tunduk, a set of curved struts connect the wall frame with the tunduk. Around the wall frame a chii is placed. It is a reed mat, sometimes with beautiful decoration.

The whole yurt is covered with felt and in many cases canvas is used to cover the felt, or plastic, but that is not traditional!

The Tunduk can be covered with a sun top, that can be opened during the day for more light in the yurt.

All photo’s: Marianne Tuerlings


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