Chests and cupboards filled with textiles, delicious !


tribal textiles and rugs
a cabinet filled with piles of tribal textiles and rugs, collect them at Shirdak

When I was a little child I always loved to sniff in the linen closet and play with the nicely and neatly arranged stacks of white linen. In the wardrobe the world to me seems soft and freshly organized.

As an adult I created my cabinet with nice piles of textiles. It started with European bed linen and ended up with a chest full of Central Asian embroideries, ikats and weavings, delicious! It always gives me a rich and happy feeling.

A closed wooden chest filled with textiles makes me also very curious. What is inside. Is it handmade, freshly smelling, what kind of stories are stored together with the textiles?

Once we visited the Textiles Museum in Staphorst, a small traditional protestant village in the Netherlands. The curator used to open the wardrobe for tourists. He always gave a lecture of 20 minutes. But when we arrived he found soul mates, we let him talk as long as he wanted, we discussed every piece in every pile on every shelf of this 19th century collection. It was a great day not only because he was a good speaker but opening the wardrobe was like opening a treasure box of stories.

In the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest they also have a linen chest with 4 shelves full of Hungarian textiles. When I saw this small room with the traditional textiles I could feel the good spirit of the community. Textiles made in a good spirit give the community strength, richness, luster, the bright side of life.

Rich feeling in the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest