Largest collection shyrdak felt carpets in Europe

I wish all my readers a wonderful 2015

I am happy that my work in this world is; to search, find and show you the beautiful textiles, mostly from Central Asia. I am also happy to tell you the stories behind the textiles.

a shirdak makes the difference
Shirdak Amsterdam has the largest collection shyrdak in Europe

In 2014 we put a lot of effort in organizing a new collection of felt carpets. It has become the largest collection of Kyrgyz felt carpets in Europe. New designs and color combinations, exclusive for our gallery Shirdak. Some of them you can buy in our web shop. All of them you can see in our live shop on the Prinsengracht 192 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Decorated interiors by Shirdak Amsterdam
A shyrdak makes a difference

In Europe, January and February are months to stay at home, the cold, rainy and grey weather makes you long for a warm colorful interior. We at Shirdak have lots of ideas to decorate your house. Combinations of felt carpets with kilim pillows or embroidered wall hangings with nice Uzbek ceramics can transform your home in a warm cozy place to come home.