High Heel Boot

nice example of our new style shoe, an unique combination with a bag from Dagmar Binder

Last spring I decided to design a new boot. We have the so called round nose boot and the cowboy boot for a couple of years now. The new idea was to make a female high heel boot, elegant with some space for all five toes. To become successful with an elegant high heel boot in the Netherlands is the same as selling drop (liquorice) to foreigners.

Dutch women are tall, always afraid they will be longer than their husbands. They are in to easy, comfortable cloths and above all no frills. Our rainy climate and the habit of cycling, even when you are going to a party, also not helps.

Anyway, I was in for a high heel boot. With my plans I went over to Musa the boots maker of our workplace in Turkey. Musa came from a carpet family worked itself a way up and is the owner now. For every new design, he is immediately organizing. We have a lot to do, he said. Drawing, making a prototype by hand, preparing the molds, and do the first serie of shoes.

The first serie is always exciting, how does it look?  Do we have to change some details? All our shoes are hand made, inside leather, wooden heel and a high quality of zipper.

The embroidery from the Sinaï dessert, found on one of my trips, looks beautiful on our pointed nose shoes. But one group of women was not happy with the pointed nose. So with the round nosed new design we can also supply them.

The Sinaï embroidery is a new fabric, handmade cross stitch in traditional design. Every pair of shoe is unique.

On my last trip to Kashgar I found some parts of a Tuzz kiizz, an old Kyrgyz wall hanging from the yurt, chain stitch on black cotton. Only 5 pair of boots new design we could make of this textiles. These are the really unique pieces of the boots family.

Well I am happy with the result and proud to announce our High Heel Boot online and High heel shoe in the shop now.

One of the unique 5 pair low boot, made of antique kyrgyz embroidery