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carpet and textiles from Central asia
new collection carpets and textiles

Just back from the Selvedge winterfair in London, we received the magazine Happinez, a popular dutch lifestyle magazine. It was a great surprise to read the ten page article on felt making in Kyrgyzstan. Although I travelled with the journalist around Issyk kule lake in June I was not expecting such a long story.

Birgitta de Vos and Happinez , thanks for your support.

You can find the complete article  on www.shirdak.nl  click on page “press”

New Shirdak Felt carpets

hand made new collection felt carpets
New collection shyrdak from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan

At this moment we have a lot of new products in our shop. A new collection of felt carpets came in with new color combinations and new sizes.

Some you van find online, have a look at www.shirdakshoponline.com


ralli quilts
cotton hand made quilts from Pakistan

Several years ago I had quilts in my shop from Pakistan. By accident I just found these awesome vintage quilts again , many are in the shop some are online.

The quilts are made by women in the areas of Sindh, Pakistan, Western India. Quilt making is a very old tradition in this region, it is part of the girl’s dowry. The quilts are made of cotton in bright colors and bold patterns. The layers are held together by thread stitches in straight lines in different colors.

You can use the quilts as bedcover, wallhanging or on the floor.Have a look at http://www.shirdakshoponline.com/products/1/26

Tribal textiles as fashion, Shirdak goes Vogue

shirdak goes vogue
The december issue Vogue used the tribal textiles from Shirdak in combination with designers cloths.

As we could read in the Vogue of December a lot of tribal textiles found its way to the catwalk. Shirdak helped a bit in finding the most interesting tribal textiles to complete a designers outfit.

The combination of traditional tribal textiles and designers cloths gives you a new personal outlook.

In our collection we now have several Beloutch dresses. All unique, hand embroidered in bright color combinations. The Beloutch or Baluch are tribes settled in the Balochistan province of Iran,  and the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Have a look at http://www.shirdakshoponline.com/products/1/4

Christmas decoration

lovely felt angels
hand made christmas decoration is waiting for you at Shirdak

A part of our shop is totally decorated with all of our lovely Christmas decorations, fair trade and handmade from Kyrgyzstan.

Our christmas nativity is still popular , this year we expand the nativity with a little herdsman with a sheep.

see http://www.shirdakshoponline.com/more-info/2/GE-02

Thank you for all you support in 2013

Hope to see you in 2014