Fabulous shawls

shawls made of felt
Fabulous scarves by Dagmar Binder, Anneke Copier and the Kirgiz ladies

Shirdak always tries to find new original designed scarves, made of felt.

We put several new unique items on our webshop.

Our favorite artists, like Dagmar Binder, Anneke Copier and the Kirgiz ladies have their own handwriting. Their technique and creativity is great, and diverse, all telling a different story.

For years now , the Indian collar by Dagmar Binder is quite popular at Shirdak. Because of its design. You can use it as an artistic adornment indoor or as a functional warm scarf outdoor. It makes a simple outfit very stylish and personal.

Anneke Copier produces a type of scarf for more than 10 years now and still it is very popular. It is a small scarf with a nice price. It is made of silk with a felt design in Anneke’s recognizable modern style.  Cool in summer and warm in winter.

A new item from Kirgizstan is the double silk scarf. Two layers of silk in two different colors with a felted pattern in between. This technique gives a organic surface that makes you think of leather, fur or wood.

The technique lies in shrinking the wool between the two silk layers. Unexpectedly it creates an outline around the pattern. When you use different colors the effect is more obvious. It is chic in its traditional patterns.

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