Shirdak is running the Bloom collection by Enosis


To tell you the truth, I am quite nervous. On March 31st I will take part in the Selvedge Spring Fair in London. Travelling in Central Asia makes me less stressful than one day in London. Anyway on this fair I will present the Enosis Bloom collection 2012.

I am very enthusiastic about the new collection of Enosis and in my last blogĀ  I promised you to tell more about this unique fashion label.

Enosis is a small independent Dutch label that makes fantastic designs.The signature of Enosis is a blend of past and present. All designs are handmade and therefore only available in limited editions.

The Style of Enosis is a combination of androgynous silhouettes inspired by the Victorian era, black romanticism, suit-like pieces with a timeless magic. Every garment has its own soul.

For instance, the combination of a roughly shaped linen jacket with delicate white garment is the typical Enosis style. A romantic combination of a white robe-manteau with a balloon skirt or a formal pinstripe coat brings back memories of a tastefully dressed lady from the 19th century.

Expression and individuality are the main goals.

The latest collection BLOOM captures the sense of early spring, the freshness of morning dew, the pale colours of the first delicate flowers – the start of new things to come!

Special attention is given to the finishing touch and to the interior works of the garments.

Follow Enosis at Shirdak, with a special exhibition during the month of April.

Enosis at the Selvedge Spring fair
Shirdak presents the Enosis Collection Bloom at the Selvedge Spring Fair 2012