Winter Season at Shirdak Part Two


Winter Season at Shirdak is Christmas decoration with warm felt rugs and cozy cushions

As I promised last week we updated the web shop. Now available a beautiful Anneke Copier vest in red or blue. The design of this vest has been inspired by the nomad culture of Kyrgyzstan.It has two long strips hanging down in the front. These strips can be tied back. The back of the vest is clucking with also a gorgeous felted detail.

Part of our winter season is the Christmas collection. A new item in our Christmas collection is the herdsman with flute. Six years ago we started with this beautiful 5-piece Christmas crib set. It is handmade by skilled felt artisans, from nomadic tribes in Central Asia, using traditional felt. Our crib sets are fair trade and obtained directly from the artists. This charming 5 piece Nativity Set includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus in his crib, an angel and a little sheep. You can expand the nativity set with the 3 kings, the shepherd, the camel and the two Kyrgyz women.

If you want to order the complete nativity set with the 3 kings, camel, shepherd, two women and herdsman with flute we send you the angel with bell( small) as a gift.

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  1. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to visit your store while I was visiting Amsterdam. I was in love with everything. Unfortunately I could only purchase the nativity set, a bird and a penguin, all of which I love love love. I am so glad to have found your website and have ordered the boots and angel I also wanted!! I hope to visit again someday!!! Amsterdam and your store are so unique and exciting!

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