Christmas at Shirdak

Beautiful christmas angels, all hand made in Kyrgyzstan
Lovely christmas angels, all hand made in Kyrgyzstan

The Christmas decoration at Shirdak is made in Kyrgyzstan. For years we work with 3 studios on a fair trade bases. The felt puppets are made by hand of hand felted wool. The white felt has been dyed in beautiful aquarel pastel colors. For Christmas, we have two nativities a big one and a small one and lots of angels in different sizes.

The small nativity we expand with a new puppet every year. The group has reached 14 figures this year. The expression in the faces is really lovely and vivid. Beside the nativity we also have puppets like the horse with girl or the grandma with her grandchildren.

Lovely puppet hand made in Kyrgyzstan
Grand ma with grand children, perfect gift for someone you love.

The love and attention with which it is made is clearly visible. Of course these puppets are not cheap but at the other hand it is not a disposable article but a perfect gift for someone you love.

Beautiful puppets, lovely christmas gifts
Hand made puppets from Kyrgyzstan