My Birthday was decorated with textiles

suzani with embroidered birds
embroidered wallhangings with birds flew over from Central asia

This year I had a very special birthday. Since a couple of weeks I decided to go back to my roots: textiles from Central Asia. It makes me happy. In these days of economic depression we need to load ourselves with positive energy, don’t you think?

For me, positive energy is to be surrounded by tribal and Central Asian textiles. It feeds my creativity, it fills me with dreams.

Just before my day of birth I was in Central Asia, for a week. A quick visit on which I bought lots of kilim pillows, nice suzanies and last, but not least a whole bag filled with funny children’s hats from Afghanistan.

Trying to find the balance between a healthy commercial company and a place for people to be inspired is always my challenge for the shop. If people can hear the stories of ancient times when men was more connected with nature, using the earth in a less spoiling way. I hope I can welcome them in my world.

Don’t get me wrong I know I am dramatically romanticising those days. Anyway on my birthday, I received the nice kyrgyz embroideries which I found a week before and I was happy.

The same week I decorated the shop with not so old, but brilliant colorful suzanies, watch the birds I told you about in one of my last blogs.

And on top of this creative colorful boost I was attracted or dis tracked by the fashion designer Enosis. More on that in blog 26

Enosis new collection BLOOM at Shirdak

Hope to meet you soon