Casual Passers

Shyrdak the kyrgyz feltcarpet
shyrdak felt carpets along the road

Every year, when I am in Kyrgyzstan I try to see as many shyrdak as possible.

Sometimes it drives the chauffeur crazy, because he had to stop every 5 minutes when I see a shirdak hanging over a fence in one of the villages we pass.

There is a huge diversity in color and design. This time I spotted also a couple of alla kiizz, the feltcarpet in a different technic. Of course I did not buy these casual passers, they belong to the inhabitants of beautiful Kyrgyzstan . But it inspires me to make new designs and color combinations for the new collection of shyrdak in my shop Shirdak.

shyrdak felt carpets made in Kyrgyzstan
The shirdak felt carpet spotted along the road in Kyrgyzstan