Let’s travel the Silk Road from Bishkek to Kashgar.

Bishkek to Kashgar
Travelling the Silk Road – from Bishkek to Kashgar

Although I have been travelling to Kyrgyzstan every year for the last ten years, I didn’t really have the opportunity to share my experiences with others, except from my family and friends.  But all that is about to change! Innovations such as the mobile telephone, Twitter and Facebook allow me to offer a day-to-day involvement in my journey directly with my readers.

Ten years ago, as I travelled the Silk Road, the only opportunity to keep in touch with my homeland was a very expensive telephone call from a capital city. Once you had left the city, there was no way to make contact except via a telegraph, and then, only if you could find a telegraph operator and a person speaking English!

Nowadays, we can be in many places in the world at the same time. This is very contradictory to the Kyrgyz nomadic way of life, where you are at one with nature and live very much in the here and now.

As promised, at least during the next four blogs, I will share my adventures with you. Starting in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), we will travel to Kochkor, Sonkul & Naryn. At Bashi, passing the Kyrgyz border with China into Xingjang with the city Kashgar, back to Kyrgyzstan & up into the mountains for a four day climbing trip near the Karakul Lake (4,000 meters high).

More stories & pictures from the Silk Road to follow!
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Shirdak Textile Gallery
Shirdak – travelling the Silk Road from Bishkek to Kashgar.

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