Never a dull moment at Shirdak in 2011

mayer-peace -collection
Exhibition 2011 Christine Mayer and the tribal textiles day May 19th 2011

Looking back on an exciting Shirdak year full of success and surprises.

In 2011 we started with the exhibition of the Christine Mayer Peace collection. With a beautiful article in the magazine Selvedge we were happy to have this new brand in our shop.

This exhibition was in Shirdak style. We combined the Christine Mayer fashion made out of 19th century flour bags with our collection traditional textiles of the Miao, a tribe from Guizhou, China and the Central Asian embroideries.

tribal textiles day
From Kashgar tiles to modern scarves by Dagmar Binder

The tribal textiles day in May has proven to be a stayer as annual event. In 2012 we will organize a whole weekend. On Saturday May 19th and Sunday 20th 2012 Shirdak will be full of traditional textiles from all over the world. Keep an eye on the blog for the programme during this weekend.

End of June 2011 we promoted the new collection of the artist couple”Felt for Architecture”. For years,the modern wall hangings made of felt are a welcome item at Shirdak. This time the artists made a beautiful collection inspired by the Japanese carps. One of the Pelle di Carpa wall hangings found its way to Florida, USA. We hope it will get famous over there.

son kul kyrgyzstan and a shyrdak
Lake Son Kul in Kyrgyzstan

During the summer of 2011 Shirdak travelled through Kyrgyzstan , see our blog. We returned fully inspired by this beautiful country. We came back, loaded with new ideas and a lot of shirdaks, the kyrgyz carpet.

The 20th anniversary of the Kyrgyz Republic was in the picture, during the second half of 2011.

yurt at Temir Kanat and the new design embroidered boot
New Design High Heel Boot

We had an article in the Dutch news paper “Parool”, a  fashion show by Anneke Copier and a nice exhibition on Kyrgyz nomad culture in our shop.

Our new design high heel boot, see blog “High heel boot”, was promoted on the fair Meesterlijk and it turned out to be succesful. Especially the kyrgyz type boot looked awesome.

For 2012 we want to continue this embroidered high heel boot . At this moment we are producing a shoe format , made of Egyptian embroidery . Also a leather variation will arrive in the shop during spring 2012.

Welcome at Shirdak 2012, the gallery of Central asian textile art