Kyrgyzstan Landscape
Shirdak - textiles and treasures from the Silk Road

This blog is about my dream and with this blog I invite you to join us, I invite you into my world of Central Asia. The story of the horse riding nomads, living in their yurts down through the ages, attuned to nature but now finding themselves in the smaller world of the 21st century. I hope you will join me to discover this ancient beautiful land with its high mountains and old silk roads. 

I am fully aware that my dream is only a part of the story and I am open minded to find the pieces of this huge puzzle named CENTRAL ASIA NOW.

Doing business in the arts and crafts of Central Asia for the past 10 years, I have visited the “Stans” every year. I spend most of this time in Kyrgyzstan. I aim to open the treasure box I have discovered in Kyrgyzstan through this blog.

If you want to touch the dreams, come to my shop – Shirdak on  the Prinsengracht 192 in Amsterdam.

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