Shirdak 10th Anniversary


10th anniversary
Central asian textiles

This year 2013 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Shirdak.
Our tribal textiles gallery on the Prinsengracht opened its doors in the autumn of 2003. After a try out in Utrecht the owner Marianne Tuerlings rented the beautiful spot Prinsengracht 192 Amsterdam. It proved to be a perfect place. In the 10 years Shirdak became the place to be for original Central Asian textiles and the story behind it. Every textile garment is unique and hand made, with its own function and symbolic meanings, which we like to share with our clients.
Shirdak want to be innovative in the presentation and selection of ‚Äč‚Äčinterior design and fashion. In our ideas, the life style of the Central Asian nomads is the leading inspiration.

Photography Sunna &