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The meaning of patterns in felt rugs

  Next week, I am off to Kyrgyzstan again. Trying to find nice felt rugs, pillows and ottomans.  Tweet

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Felt road in Kyrgyzstan

Stef Verhoeven has written a great story in the Dutch Magazine Zin edition april 2012. link Tweet

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Final part of my exciting journey in Central Asia summer 2011

Surrounded by nature is our last week in Kyrgyzstan. If you experience the nature in Kyrgyzstan you can also understand the Kyrgyz arts and crafts better. The color combinations in the traditional felt rugs called shyrdak are the color combinations … Continue reading

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Tash Rabat a place for meditation

Tash Rabat a place for meditation After crossing the Tortugart-pass, we entered Kyrgyzstan again. We stopped at the beautiful Tash-Rabat fortress. This can be found off the main road for around 11 km, hidden in Kara-Koun Gorge at an altitude … Continue reading

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Shyrdak Rugs & felt making in At Bashi, Kyrgyzstan


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